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We believe that the best way to truly understand a place is to engage with its people and traditions, which is why we offer our subscribers the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery.

We offer our subscribers FREE trips to Africa. Thanks to our sponsors, travelers can engage with local communities, participate in exciting activities, and gain a deeper understanding of the African way of life.

Join us on a fun-filled journey of exploration and discovery, and help us show the world the true beauty of Africa beyond what is often portrayed in the media.

Winnie Makumire-Lilly



From Our Founder

Why we started Jetlag Africa

I created JetLag African Adventures for our subscribers to travel and experience African culture and traditions outside the constraints of tourist boundaries.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. My husband, Eric Lilly, is from Brooklyn, NY. Through the years I have known him, I have realized he represents the views of so many other people who only see or learn about Africa through the lens of the media. Most people acknowledge they know very little about Africa, but if given the opportunity, are willing to broaden their knowledge. They discuss the need to break down cultural barriers and create their own experiences through awareness and acceptance in the hope it will debunk the many theories, myths, and false narratives about Africa. If I had a penny for each time someone says take me to Africa the next time you go, I’d be rich beyond words!

I am determined to take my YouTube Channel subscribers on a free, all-expenses paid trip to Africa to widen their perception and knowledge about African traditions. Above all, I want African communities to control their own narrative by telling and sharing their life in a way that celebrates the richness of the culture, landscape, and the people. This is why I value my relationship and collaboration with brands very seriously. This partnership with brands and sponsors in turn, allows me to absorb the cost of sending our subscribers on their bucket list dream trip. So yes, please subscribe because the trip is 100% FREE!

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey.


Telling African Stories, One Destination at a Time

We are a skilled team of content creators who venture into stunning locations throughout Africa, capturing the essence and culture of each destination in a unique and genuine way. Our dynamic videos transport you to the savannas of East Africa and the bustling cities of West Africa, allowing you to explore the beauty and enchantment of the continent. Whether you’re planning your next trip or simply looking to indulge your wanderlust, follow us on social media for an inspiring and captivating virtual adventure as we explore Africa, one destination at a time.