Zimbabwe is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife, as well as its rich history and culture. With amazing destinations like Victoria Falls and The Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe has incredible experiences across the country.
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People of Zimbabwe


People speak English, Shona, and Ndebele.

Dress Code

Dress code is casual, but modesty is appreciated.

Greetings and Gestures

Greetings involve a handshake, and it is customary to use titles and last names.

Taboos & Customs

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Holidays & Festivals

Holidays and festivals include Independence Day and the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Social Norms

Social norms include showing respect to elders and authority figures.

Popular Food

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Attractions around Zimbabwe

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Some of Zimbabwe's wildlife

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Articles about Zimbabwe

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Harare, ZW
8:04 am, May 21, 2024
temperature icon 13°C
clear sky
Humidity 75 %
Wind Gust: 18 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:16 am
Sunset: 5:29 pm
Victoria Falls, ZW
8:04 am, May 21, 2024
temperature icon 16°C
clear sky
Humidity 47 %
Pressure 1025 mb
Wind 5 mph
Wind Gust: 10 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:37 am
Sunset: 5:49 pm
Bulawayo, ZW
8:04 am, May 21, 2024
temperature icon 14°C
clear sky
Humidity 69 %
Pressure 1026 mb
Wind 9 mph
Wind Gust: 21 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:29 am
Sunset: 5:35 pm

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